Detailed planning of a quarter section between Filtri road and Masina street

Location: Filtri rd, Juhkentali and Masina str, Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Estonian Ministry of Defence
Planned area: 12,95 ha
Total gross area: 63 595 m²
Commission: 2012

The planned area of 12.95 ha is located in the City Center in the quarter between Filtri road and Masina street. Areas adjacent to the quarter have mixed housing: there are residential, office and industrial buildings. The surroundings of the planned area are sufficiently varied from the urban development perspective.The planned housing includes: 3-storey main building of the Defense Ministry, 2-storey supplementary building of the ministry, 2-storey administrative building for divisions of the Defense Ministry and the Defense Forces and another 2-storey administrative building. The historical 2-storey barracks are planned to be reconstructed as a new 6-storey house to be used by state defense institutions.