Jägala Military Campus

Location: Jägala Village, Jõelähtme Parish, Harju County, Estonia
Client: Estonian Ministry of Defence
Site area: 55 ha
Project: 2010-2012

Project also includes:
7344 m² Barracs (number of buildings 4)
3966 m² Headquarters (number of buildings 1)
4260 m² Machinery hall (number of buildings 1)
3603 m² Workroom / Machinery hall (number of buildings 1)
1320 m² Garage of learning machinery (number of buildings 7)
1176 m² Storehouse (number of buildings 4)
687 m² Car shelter (number of buildings 18)
199 m² Communication module building (number of buildings 1)

The buildings are part of the new concept Jägala military district, located in north Estonia, ordered by Estonian Ministry of Defence. The basis of the planning proposal is the preliminary district zonin gplan and general master plan of the area. Object 5, the administration building, is located in the centre of the district with orientation of south-east, north-west direction. Right next to the historical manor housing, remodelled into a perspective offiers’ Club. The maximum on number using the building is about 200 people.Diner and teaching facilities: To separate architectural volumes are linked by gallery that locates a library and classrooms. The exterior volume is simple and has three distinguished finishes: the entrance volume is a black concrete brick matrix, the diner area is a glass façade system and the kitchen block is a smooth finish clear concrete surface. The kitchen is planned in collaboration with Bestmark Kitchens OÜ. In addition another 13 objects where planned as a first stage proposal for the Jägala military district: accommodation facilities, church, barracks, medical centre, sports centre, offiers club, 2 petrol stations, 2 bridges, washing facilities, entrance and guard building and house of detention.