Ristmetsa Building Complex

Location: Usinitsa Village, Mikitamäe Parish, Põlva County, Estonia
Client: Matkajuht OÜ
Total gross area: 643 m2
Project completed: 2014

Setomaa is a unique cultural region with it’s dialect and it’s distinct architecture. Buildings, erected in the beginning of the 20th century, followed site specifi construction techniques, material usage and morphology of the buildings. Ristmetsa is traditional Setomaa farm complex shaped over time by these customs. Today, a hundred years later, these buildings are in poor shape and unlivable, but the client has a wish to reconstruct the buildings and identity of the site. Although building by present-day construction standards, the main objective was to maintain the character of traditional Setomaa farm complex and to satisfy client’s needs. The primary aspect of Ristmetsa complex is that the buildings lie in square-shaped plan – common morphological structure for all Setomaa farmhouses. New buildings follow specifi construction techniques, material usage and architectural expression that defies the building traditions of Setomaa. Combining these methods, new complex has given modern quality without losing the character of the region’s architecture.